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Our Services

We are your go to wedding specialist providing a variety of services. We offer vendors such as, Wedding Officiant, Photograph, Wedding Decorations, Catering and much much more.   

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Photograph will take pictures before, during and after wedding festivities, wedding photographers are also responsible for artistically composing the shots and processing the images, often on their own equipment. Wedding photographers must assess customer expectations, usually by discussing their wedding photo needs before the big event.

Wedding Decorations

Table Cloths, Chair covers, Wedding Center pieces, Place cards, Flowers, Bouquets, Bridal Gift boxes, 


Cater will provide a variety of set meals. Buffet style, Dinner set up. Depends on the request of the couple. 

Wedding Officiant

Wedding Officiant will meet with the couples prior to wedding planning. Complete contract with couple. Will assist with vows and ceremony script. Be present for both the rehearsal and Wedding day.  Also when the couple request the officiant presents.

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